Welcome to BluePrint

This site, named after Loret Miller Ruppe, will provide a working demo and other resources for group administrators who are considering using Nationbuilder to manage and grow their organizations. 

This is the home page. Any site in your nation can be a home page, just go to Website > [your site] > [the page you want to be the home page] > Settings and click the box on the lower right hand corner marked "Make this the home page." The home page is the default landing page for anyone who visits your domain.

Every Nationbuilder theme comes with an image slider, which displays a carousel of images and overlay text that redirect on click to different pages. You can add and change yours by clicking "Edit this page" in the supporter nav on the right and then click "Featured content sliders" (you must be signed in to see the supporter nav). Click the trash can icons to remove the images, then upload your own. 

The site is laid out according to function. Eventually it will display each of the page templates that Nationbuilder offers, and a bit of commentary on how best to use them. There will be custom pages too. Please take some time to look around and let me know what you think!