Setting Up A Dynamic Staff/Board of Directors Page

Using a customized directory, we can create an attractive layout for your organization's power players displaying lots of different kinds of information attached to their accounts.

Creating an 'Add to Calendar' button for NationBuilder events

Add a button to NationBuilder that transfers event data to Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Yahoo with one click.

The Big Day: A Comprehensive Strategy to Launching a Campaign with NationBuilder


Hi, thanks for taking the time to review my NationBuilder Expert re-certification. I am modeling this scenario on a state-level political campaign rollout, but the same principles can be applied to advocacy or nonprofit fundraising. The goal is to kick off the campaign and use that momentum to meet pre-planned goals, growing and using whatever resources we may acquire. I will be using this sandbox site:, to demonstrate. At each step, my overall strategy is to get my client excited to use NationBuilder to the best of their ability.

Make the most of the background note

Prominent, flexible and tragically under-utilized.

How to Create a Dropdown Form Emailer

All you need is an event page and a few minutes of copy paste