I divide my services into five categories, depending on the complexity of the task. All rates are hourly, and subject to increase depending on my current workload and your desired turnaround time. I also offer monthly retainers, whereby I offer you a certain amount of credit, which you may calculate by any equivalent combination of hours at the base rate. 

  • Basic

    These services cover the basic tasks needed to get your website up and running as soon as possible.


    I can lead an in-depth planning session with you and your team. We will review the capabilities of NationBuilder, establish project goals, answer early questions and ensure that all stakeholders share a clear vision of the final product and how it will work to meet the needs of the organization. This session should produce the following:

    An estimated timeline for the project

    Roles and responsibilities of all involved in the project

    A site map of key web pages

    A plan for how those pages work and who will be using them

    A vision for how the site will look

    A plan for launching and maintaining the site

    The basic planning session is intended for a small team of committed stakeholders. If you need me to prepare, facilitate, or deliver an interactive presentation on NationBuilder’s suitability for your organization’s needs to an executive board or a larger audience, I can provide a separate estimate for that.

    Theme Selection and Page Setup

    I can handle the NationBuilder setup process and select a starter theme from NationBuilder’s Public Theme Directory based on the goals we identified during the planning session. The theme I propose can either be the final product or a template for further customization.

    I can create and configure the key web pages we identified during the planning session and contact you for approval. For third party actions that require a password or other sensitive information, such as connecting an online payment account, you may either provide me with the information or I can walk you through the process remotely.

    Each page allows for additional content to be added as metadata, which affects how the page is indexed by a search engine and how the content displays when posted to Facebook or Twitter. If you would like me to configure those settings, that service will be covered under Advanced Page Setup.

    Basic Content Migration

    I can copy and paste content verbatim from an old website to your new website and format it accordingly. If you do not have an old site, you may send me documents in Word or Google Docs. I will not scrutinize or edit the content extensively. Any graphics, photos or file attachments should be provided to me via email. I reserve the right to limit this service to 10 individual pages (the key pages we identified in the planning session). If you need me to migrate more content, such as a long-running blog or list of past events, that service will be covered under Advanced Content Migration.

    Basic Data Management

    You should supply email lists, membership records and other data to be imported to your NationBuilder database in .CSV format. I can perform a basic review of the data you've provided to ensure that it conforms with the format required by NationBuilder's importer, and will reformat the data as required and where possible. I can consult with you on a tagging method to keep your data organized. I will perform a snapshot of your existing database should anything go wrong during the import, so any errors can be reverted.

    I am not responsible for cleaning or repairing corrupted data. I am not responsible for duplicate records arising from the lack of a unique identifier. If your data requires additional maintenance, such as verifying email addresses or merging data sets, that service will be covered under Advanced Data Management.

    On Call Technical Support, M-F, 9AM - 5PM EST

    NationBuilder is a hosted software platform, meaning that NationBuilder hosts its own application, your website, and all related data. Any technical support regarding your NationBuilder account (bug reports, management of uptime, etc.) ought to be communicated directly with NationBuilder and your dedicated NationBuilder organizer.

    For live, one-on-one strategic advice, support for customizations, or emergency assistance, you may call on me during working hours and I will respond promptly. I am never far from a computer and will give you 24 hours notice if I intend to be. If you need me during non-working hours, that service will be covered under 24-Hour Technical Support.

    This service may also cover small miscellaneous tasks (configuring Broadcasters, creating search filters, etc.) that require minimal time and effort.

  • Advanced

    These services cover advanced tasks to optimize your website and the digital environment that will grow around it.

    Custom Domain and Email Configuration

    Most domain migrations can take up to 48 hours, so I cannot guarantee 100% uptime for your domain or email service. I will do everything I can to minimize downtime, such as performing the work during a period of low web traffic. It will be your responsibility to purchase a domain name and provide me with the credentials to use it.

    The time spent on email configuration will vary depending on your email client, the desired number of addresses, and their respective workflows.

    Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Advanced Page Setup

    Most NationBuilder pages include the following settings: Page settings, Featured content sliders, SEO and Social media. I will cover the first two under Basic Setup. The second two affect how Google, Facebook and Twitter process and display your page content. I cannot guarantee that your site content will go viral or soar to the top of search rankings, but I can configure these settings to give each page the best chance of being discovered and shared.

    This service may also cover other tedious, time-consuming tasks, such as last-minute overhauls or reconfigurations.

    Advanced Content Migration

    If you need me to migrate more than 10 pages of content, or do extensive editing to large content blocks, that service will be covered here. Please note that I will copy content verbatim. If you would like me to proofread, edit or write original content for your site, that service will be covered under Content Writing and Editing.

    Advanced Data Import

    This service covers advanced data tasks in preparation for import to NationBuilder, such as verifying email addresses, repairing corrupted files, or cleaning up large data sets. I can also merge large data sets, such as matching commercially-purchased data to a voter file.

    For email verification, I will need to contract with a third party and provide a separate invoice.

    24-Hour Technical Support

    If you need me to provide emergency support outside of normal business hours, that service will be covered here. I am rarely far from a computer and will provide 24-hour notice if I intend to be. You can call me any time, for any reason, and I will work on your issue.

  • Graphics and Content

    These services cover creative support.

    Image Editing and Optimization

    I will communicate exact specifications for the graphics I need to complete the project. You should supply graphic files in an editable, vector digital or .pdf format. You should supply photographs in a high resolution digital format. If you choose to buy stock photographs, I can suggest stock libraries. If the graphics you provide require additional editing, that work will be covered under this service.

    Image Creation

    If you do not have a graphic designer and would like for me to create original graphics, such as a logo design, that work will be covered under this service. I work with a wide variety of tools, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CS 6, Inkscape and Sketchpad.

    Content Writing and Editing

    If you want me to produce original content for your website, that work will be billed under this service. I have extensive experience producing press releases, blog posts, event descriptions, issue backgrounds, open letters, report summaries and other written content intended for public consumption. I will use a Google Document to produce a working draft so that you may review my work and make direct edits.

    Email Writing and Editing

    If you would like me to draft, edit or otherwise play a role in producing content for your email blasts, such as introducing your audience to your new site and instructing them how to interact with it, that work will be billed under this service. I am familiar with email best practices for outreach, fundraising, press and list development and would be happy to contribute my expertise to your email campaign. 

    Other email services, such as A/B testing or preparing analytics reports, will be covered under this service.

    Additional Media Production

    If you would like my assistance setting up social media pages, video channels, surveys, data maps, infographics or any kind of additional media separate from NationBuilder’s core functionality, that work will be billed under this service.

  • Development

    These services cover web development and manipulations of NationBuilder code for unique theming

    Customizing Colors and Fonts

    My basic setup service includes selecting a theme from NationBuilder’s public theme gallery that best meets the requirements we set out during our planning session. I can then edit this theme to your specifications, such as changing the colors and fonts, and that work will be billed under this service.

    Customizing Elements and Layouts

    If you want the corners on this box to be more rounded, or the margins of that button to be bigger, or the text to be smaller when viewed on an iPhone, that work will be billed under this service.

    Integrating Third-party Scripts and Widgets

    If you want to use other services or plugins in your new site, I will do my best to seamlessly integrate them with the NationBuilder template. Depending on the complexity of your needs, I may bill such work under this service.

    Recreating Design Elements from an Existing Website

    Under this service, I will attempt to recreate elements, widgets and layouts by customizing the NationBuilder template to best replicate the look and functions of another website. While I should be able to capture the graphic elements of a model site, I cannot guarantee that I can duplicate its functionality completely. Instead, I will attempt to match whatever purpose it serves to its closest counterpart in NationBuilder.

    Creating Custom E-mail and Newsletter Layouts

    NationBuilder comes with several stock email layouts, as well as pre-made automatic responses sent when users take various actions (sign up, donate, RSVP, pledge) on your site. If you would like me to customize the theming or content of these messages, or add campaign tracking codes for your analytics program, that work will be billed under this service.

    Google Analytics Configuration and Custom Reporting

    I will connect an existing Classic Google Analytics account to your website or create one and connect it as a Basic service. If you need me to set up dashboards, create custom reports or configure particular goals, that service will be covered here. Currently, NationBuilder does not fully support some of the key features of the new Universal Analytics, such as eCommerce tracking. Until this changes, I will advise using the Classic version, but can implement the Universal configuration to the extent that I am able.  

    Advanced Web Development

    Any additional work that requires extensive customization of your NationBuilder theme or third-party coding may be billed under this service.

  • Strategy and Training

    These services cover training presentations and the creation of instructional materials for you and your team.

    Individual Sessions

    I am happy to provide remote, one-on-one training sessions for you or members of your team. I can structure these sessions based on criteria you provide or lead my own Basic (1 hour), Advanced (2-hour), and Expert (3-hour) programs which include real-life examples and tasks tailored to the needs of the participant. I will also provide a .doc file containing notes on my presentation. 

    I will most likely use Google Hangout but can accommodate another screen sharing service upon request. I am not responsible for any loss of connection or technical issues that may arise from the use of third-party software. If technical issues persist, I can conduct the training over the phone or reschedule. 

    Group Sessions

    I can extend this same service to multiple stakeholders, though I may require additional time to ensure that everyone receives sufficient assistance. Once again, I am not responsible for any sustained technical issues arising from the use of Google Hangout or any other service.

    On-Site Training

    If you are located in the Washington, DC area or are willing to provide accommodations for my travel, I will come to your office and lead a training session tailored to your needs. I can also deliver or lead presentations for special audiences, such as a group of campaign volunteers or a Board of Directors.

    Basic Training Materials

    All materials that I create for training purposes will be available upon request in .PDF format.

    Custom Training Materials

    These services cover advanced presentations that provide visual instructions for wide audiences. There is no set hourly rate for these services, I will provide a separate estimate.

    For Administrators

    I can produce custom, step-by-step presentations using Prezi that guide you through common tasks using screenshots o through screenshots of your website to give an exact for your organization using Prezi, a free web-service that will show your staff how where to look and what to click to complete common tasks.

    For Users

    I can do the same for users, creating short, guided, step-by-step Prezis that introduce them to your new website and show them how to interact with it. This is especially useful if you are transferring users from an old site with different processes. I will show them exactly what to do to arrive at your desired outcomes.